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Where ideas brew A student's guide to the study grind

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Everyone has that special spot where they feel in the zone and prepared to work. It makes a student feel relaxed and at ease with projects and assignments. With the right area to study, motivation and productivity tend to rise and provide better studying and learning experiences. Studying at home brings the temptation of binge-watching 90’s sitcoms on Netflix and rearranging the DVD collection for the umpteenth time; however, studying in a loud, overstimulated environment in public can lead to eavesdropping and major daydreaming with a side of distracted thought.
With everyone on campus immediately gravitating towards the library for books and computers to research, the room can fill up quickly and turn into a center for conversation and noise. For those who are looking for a place to run to for some peace and quiet, grab your books and laptop and try out some local cafes.

Mean Cup
The environment is a hub for students to work on research papers, study, and meet up to chat all while enjoying a great cup of coffee. It gives off a relaxed vibe and has an industrial feel to it with exposed brick and pipes. Colorful artwork created by local artists adorns the wall. Surrounded by students and people working on all sorts of projects, it makes it easy to feel productive and accomplish more. They offer a wide variety of drinks and quirky baristas that customers can tell love what they do. Mean Cup is serious about their coffee; the blends they serve are bold and rich in flavor. With a long list of flavors, the possibilities are vast for different palates of coffee drinkers.

Commonwealth on Queen
With a spotless high end urban feel on the corner of Queen and Walnut Street, the space is airy and clean looking with natural ambient lighting that is pleasant. The atmosphere can be described as lovely. There are plenty of tables with space to work with modern white Ikea-esque chairs for comfortable seating. The space is even available for events; it looks like a place where one would have a business meeting and schmooze employers. They have a friendly staff, support local suppliers, and even make vegan donuts. Commonwealth on Queen has become known for appetizing brunches on the weekends. I would most definitely recommend this café for a grabbing coffee with family or friends while exploring the 300 block of Queen Street.

Chestnut Hill Café

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Entrance of Chestnut Hill Café

Located on the corner of West Chestnut and West Pine, Chestnut Hill Café has a charming atmosphere. The setting embodies a hometown spot for locals in the neighborhood to conveniently make their way to on their trips to work and run errands. The café offers outdoor seating as well as window counter seating and a cozy area in the back. Chestnut Hill serves Carmen and David’s ice cream for those looking for a sweet treat. The coffee shop serves Counter Culture coffee, which contains a fair amount of fruity undertones.

Find out which ones have the right environment to study and get some much needed work done.