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Tribute to Victor Spinski Harrisburg's Rose Lehrman Arts Gallery host gallery in artist honor

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The Rose Lehrman Arts Gallery on the Harrisburg campus of HACC opened a brand new exhibit on Sept. 14. “Ceramics by Victor Spinski,” was a retrospective showing the avant-garde ceramic creations of the late artist which featured over a dozen pieces of his work. Spinski was a leader in the unconventional ceramics movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s.  

Photo via Jordan Boyer

Victor Spinski’s Ceramic Retrospective

Gallery curator Shawn Williams was excited to have this exhibit at the Lehrman Gallery for several reasons. Williams had the opportunity to know Spinski when Williams was a student at University of Delaware. Williams contacted Spinski’s widow, a teacher herself, and brought the exhibit to HACC. A special reception, in his honor occurred on the evening of Sept. 29 at the gallery. Dr. Robert Troxell, who studied under Spinski, attended the reception and gave a brief lecture on the life and work of this talented artist.

Photo via Jordan Boyer

Clay sculpture of paint bin

Most of the work on display depicted everyday objects such as trashcans and hardhats which were made entirely out of clay. Other works included a piece titled “Shrine to the Fallen Saints of the Disneyatii,” a sculpture that featured several Disney characters which caused the artist some legal troubles.

The exhibit included some of Spinski’s best known work, dating from the ‘70s to his most recent works in the early 2000s. Spinski’s work has been critically acclaimed including a glowing 1983 review from the New York Times calling his work “technically sophisticated and fascinating.”

For more information on the exhibit and the Rose Lehrman Arts Gallery, please contact Shawn Williams at 717-780-2478.