Spotlight: HACC’s Tutoring Center Students are not alone in their endeavor to maintain GPA

In Live Wire News, Profiles by Ismael Miranda

Life as student can be a pain, there is always too much work to do, not enough time, and the coffee is never strong enough.

HACC has aid to provide and that is the Tutoring Center. Tutoring Center at HACC’s Lancaster campus? Yeah, HACC has a Tutoring Center on campus with many tutors on staff throughout the week available to work with any students that are having trouble on a particular assignment, need help with a difficult paper, or need assistance in studying for their big upcoming exam.

The tutoring takes place in the Learning Center in Main building room 232, located right in the library. The services they provide are 100% free to all HACC students, help is available on a walk-in basis, no need to bother with setting up an appointment. Tutoring is available throughout the semester, even on the first day of class. The tutoring center employs 45 – 50 tutors that are available Monday to Saturday during the fall and spring, four days of the week through the summer. Half of the tutors are fellow students, each student tutor is required to have completed the subject they are tutoring, they must have a 3.0 GPA along with a faculty recommendation. They are then trained in a one on one basis and with extensive modules.

The tutoring center helps many students each semester with student participant averaging 2500 – 3000 visits per semester. The center is not only for struggling students either, 50% of the students who are tutored have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The center offers student study groups with tutor aid for students who wish to study with others. The center offers interactive 3-D models of anatomy for nursing students as well as in house anatomical models, medical simulators, and charts. The center also provides in class tutors for students who need further help. The campus also provides tutoring for online students through D2L in a program called Smart Thinking.

Tutoring for English and Math courses are available every day with 2-4 tutors on staff available to assist. For the other subjects the availability varies which is why the tutoring center provides a schedule of which tutoring subjects are available, they days availability, and the tutors on schedule to work with.

Here are some tips to make the most of your visit to the tutoring center:

  • Bring all everything you will need to work on the assignment, textbook, assignment, information on the assignment requirements, handouts, calculator, notes, flashdrive, paper and pen (The tutors are sure to have the two latter items but probably best if you brought them anyhow)
  • You will need your H# to sign in and out, if you cannot recall it off the top of your head be sure to bring your HACC ID
  • Come prepared: Complete the assignment to the best of your ability before meeting with the tutor. Write down specific questions to ask during the tutoring session
  • Be an active participant during the tutoring session, be sure to take notes and ask questions
  • Come with time to work, a few days before the assignment is due gives time to work, reflect and improve it. The tutors are great, but they cannot work miracles an hour before the assignment is due

With 134 different courses and 84 majors supported all HACC students have something to gain from the tutoring center and all the hardworking people there.

Visit the link below for scheduling and other information: