Shooting at Farm Show Complex closes HACC Harrisburg campus

In HACC News by Editor

Harrisburg Campus and The Public Safety Center closed on Feb. 3, 2011, because of a shooting at the Farm Show Complex, which is located nearby the campuses. According to the college e2campus safety alerts, classes on those campuses were canceled late in the afternoon. Safety and Security directed traffic as the campus was evacuated.  The campus alerts, sent out by text and email messages, read: “Be vigilant. Report any suspicious activity.”  At the time of the closing, police did not have a suspect in custody, according to the college’s website,  All events scheduled for that Friday at the Harrisburg campus were also canceled.

According to WPMT, FOX 43 news, at about 10:44 a.m, “security at the Pennsylvania Farm Show complex was notified of a shooting in the parking lot at 2300 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg.  A Harrisburg City police officer responded to the scene and discovered a female gunshot victim.  The shooting victim was removed from the scene and transported to a local hospital for treatment.”  The police were looking for 62-year-old Beau Gaylord Robinson, from Springfield, MO, as a suspect in the shooting. WGAL, channel 8, reported that the victim was Robinson’s wife. Robinson was possibly traveling with two other people. FOX 43 reported, “Several people were inside the Farm Show Complex, setting up for this weekend’s Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show, when the incident happened. Streets around the Farm Show remain open, but access to the back parking lot of the complex is closed.”

According to FOX 43 News, a Harrisburg City police officer arrived first on the scene and discovered the female victim, who, police believe, knew her assailant. State Police and SERT teams “swarmed the parking lot and set up a perimeter near a group of RV’s and Campers,” reported FOX43. Upon searching the RV where the shooting allegedly took place, the police discovered the suspect was no longer in the vehicle.

According   CBS 21 News, Robinson was arrested Saturday night, Feb. 4, in Springfield, MO. The news station’s website reported, “Police in Missouri say that a tip led them to arrest Robinson at an Elks Lodge, where he’d been drinking all day. A SERT team was called in, and they grabbed him when he got into a cab.”