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Race Dilemma panelists discuss institutional racism’s lasting effect Pillars of the community acknowledge our country’s history of inequality and steps to address the racial divide.

In Community/World News, HACC News by Travis Hannegan

All seven members of the diverse panel at the “America’s New Race Dilemma” forum agreed that communication is the best way to bridge the persisting gap between races. Many in the audience of the near-capacity crowd in Main 222 on Sept. 20, nodded in agreement as the speakers looked back on America’s history of racial discrimination and promoted steps to …

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Tribute to Victor Spinski Harrisburg's Rose Lehrman Arts Gallery host gallery in artist honor

In Community/World News, HACC News by Jordan Boyer

The Rose Lehrman Arts Gallery on the Harrisburg campus of HACC opened a brand new exhibit on Sept. 14. “Ceramics by Victor Spinski,” was a retrospective showing the avant-garde ceramic creations of the late artist which featured over a dozen pieces of his work. Spinski was a leader in the unconventional ceramics movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s.  

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“Great Wall of Love” holds back Westboro Baptist Church member’s message of bigotry Supporters of the Mazzoni Center outnumbered Westboro protestors

In Community/World News by Emilie Stoltzfus

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) protested the Mazzoni Center, a health clinic for the LGBTQ-plus community, in Center City Philadelphia were drowned out by supporters and counter-protesters on July 25, 2016, during the week of the Democratic National Convention. Community members, LGBTQ supporters and a group of volunteers called the “Great Wall of Love” created a Facebook event to …

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Heroin epidemic infiltrates communities Chief of Police Keith Sadler targets drug dealers

In Community/World News by Victoria Bostwick

Heroin claims the lives of citizens nationwide and has skyrocketed with momentum in the past few years. Many people are asking the simple, yet perplexing questions “why?” and “how?” Although it may seem this issue appeared out of nowhere, “the government, law enforcement have been battling something that had a 70 year head start,” said Lancaster County Chief of Police …