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Student silhouette: Allena McCloud, SGA Vice President An optimistic leader who is grateful for her life’s journey 

In Download Live Wire, HACC News, Profiles, Students by Travis Hannegan

The lessons Allena McCloud, vice president of the Lancaster campus SGA, learned working in the student government and at the leadership series helped her to better understand the needs of campus clubs. The forms and paperwork required to function in the school bureaucracy can be challenging to fill out even for experienced people, made worse by the frequent turnaround of …

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HACC Faculty Profile: Dr. Warren Anderson HACC’s new Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

In Faculty, HACC News, Profiles by Sadie Werner

Dr. Warren Anderson is Harrisburg Area Community College’s new addition as Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer. He travels between all five HACC campuses, and with his gentle voice, easy laugh and comfortable manner, students talk Dr. Anderson as if they have known him for years. The role of Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, is new for HACC and Dr. John …

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Movie Review: Get Out Live Wire's Editor-in-Chief looks at one of 2017's best blockbusters

In Media, Reviews by Victoria Bostwick

Synopsis: Chris (Daniel Kalyuuya), travels with his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her parents in suburbia. Uneasy about the difference of race between himself and his White girlfriend, he presents the possibility of uneasiness during his stay with Rose before their departure. As expected, Chris discovers that Rose’s liberal parents are definitely off put by her Black boyfriend. He …

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Intersections: THEATRE REVIEW: HOME A performance that brings gaslighting out of the dark

In Community/World News, Opinion/Editorial by Cindy Vicente

For my Afro-American Literature course, our class attended a performance of Home, a powerful play depicting the final moments of four high-profile murders of Black folks, written and directed by Millersville University student Rasheed Wesley. Afterwards, the cast facilitated a talkback session, fielding questions and comments from the audience. They invited a member of law enforcement who we will call …

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Is HACC in danger of closing? Consolidated School of Business closes its Lancaster Campus

In Community/World News, HACC News by Victoria Bostwick

On March 30, 2017 Consolidated School of Business (CSB) Lancaster campus will be forced to close its doors. Their York campus will remain open which Lancaster students will be able to transfer to. Since the number of enrolled students dropped from 200 to 57 in about 20 years, a three quarter decrease, the institution had no choice but to merge …

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The Future of Islam The Rise of Radical Islam and Islamophobia

In Opinion/Editorial by Joshua Griffin

There is no religion that is more controversial than modern day Islam. Nowadays, when we think Islam, we think terrorist attacks, wars in the Middle East and constant hate crimes. We often wonder how things got to such a confusing and divided place. Asking questions, like why do we correlate Islam with terrorism? What is causing such a radical shift …

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The Fake News Phenomenon Writer, Joshua Griffin, gives his take on understanding and avoiding misinformation

In Download Live Wire, Opinion/Editorial by Joshua Griffin

“Fake news” is the buzzword that has dominated much of the current political main stage. Both mainstream and alternate media have been using this term, though many Americans are unfamiliar with what this term truly means. Even political figures have repeated the term in their speeches and on their social media. So, what is it exactly and how can you, …