Movie Review: Mother! A call to action?

In Reviews by Victoria Bostwick

After watching the movie Mother! I was downright confused and at the very least, uncomfortable. Darren Aronofsky who also directed movies like “Requiem for a Dream and “Black Swan” directed this psychological horror and featured Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Javier Bardem. After watching the trailer, the movie is portrayed as a stereotypical horror/thriller following the “everything was perfect until it wasn’t” plot. The trailer displayed a man and woman in love and happily married until strangers started appearing at their house. However, I did question if the movie would actually follow such a simplistic format since Aronofsky is known for making complex, layered movies.

Veronica (Jennifer Lawrence) trying to make sense of her reality

As expected, the movie was indeed complex. Initially, the plot moved very slowly and inched along gradually, but as the movie progressed not only did the pace quicken but it intensified immensely. The entire film featured the main character, Veronica (one of the only named characters in the film) trying to appease her husband and keep her house in order as the guests progressively destroyed it. The horror displayed in this movie is unlike a typical slasher movie which spews blood and guts across the screen. Instead, the viewer is forced to witness the agony Veronica must suffer through for two hours, with no positive relief. I began feeling almost agitated watching the film and then I realized something strange: there was no music, an odd trait for any movie, which intensified discomfort for viewers.

When the movie ended I just wanted to know what it all meant. After some research, I discovered that Aronofsky paralleled his work of art to the story of the Bible, making many religious references that became so obvious after realizing this. However, he was not making a religious statement, instead, displaying the way humans are destroying the earth (like the house) to serve as a warning and a potential call-to-action. This movie could be dismantled in many different ways and leaves audiences talking. However, that does not mean people left raving about it. Instead, a lot of people hated it due to its strange nature that broke many rules of cinema. I strongly suggest this movie to fellow cinema geeks, but not for those looking for a run-of-the-mill horror flick.