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Live Wire staff wins Keystone Press Awards Celebrating our success

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Live Wire has been hard at work getting issues on stands and articles on our website. In our endeavors, members of our staff and writing team have won awards from the Keystone Stone Press. We would like to congratulate the winners and applaud the efforts of the staff, each member of Live Wire worked hard to try and make each print a successful one. So thank you to the Live Wire team, all the kind people who took time out to help us out and allowed themselves to be interviewed to make our articles better and to all our readers who enjoy the content we work so hard to make.

  •  2nd Place – Website

Our staff maintained and updated the Live Wire Lancaster website, reworking past articles for better readability and created new images and photos to help improve the overall quality. With this upkeep we were awarded 2nd place in the Website category.


  • 1st Place – Column

Live Wire’s column, Intersections, written by Cindy Vicente, took first place in the Column category.

Image created by Ismael Miranda


  • 1st Place – Cartoon/Graphic Illustration

Live Wire’s new comic strip, Aiden & Bekah, illustrated by Ismael Miranda, stole first place in Cartoon/Graphic Illustration category.

Illustration by Ismael Miranda