HACC turns 50

Daniel Bell — Man­ag­ing Editor


HACC’s 50th Anniversary!

This year marks Har­ris­burg Area Com­mu­nity College’s (HACC) 50th year of ser­vice. Estab­lished Feb­ru­ary 14, 1964 in Har­ris­burg HACC was Pennsylvania’s very first com­mu­nity col­lege. That first year HACC had a class of 426 stu­dents. This year there are some 22,000 stu­dents attend­ing col­lege across all of the 5 cam­puses and online, which is roughly 50 times what it was in that very first year.


Over the years HACC has done many incred­i­ble things for its stu­dents and com­mu­nity mem­bers. HACC has also con­tin­u­ously grown dur­ing this time as well. Many new build­ings have been erected for stu­dent and fac­ulty use alike: Build­ings like the Rose Lehrman Art Cen­ter,  The Cooper Stu­dent Cen­ter and Whitaker Hall.

Not just new build­ings and cen­ters were opened for those at HACC, many ser­vices are also offered for stu­dents. HACC cur­rently has their U-GRO pro­gram to help par­ents who are tak­ing classes by watch­ing their chil­dren while they take classes. The imple­men­ta­tion of the Pow­er­Packs pro­gram has helped those less for­tu­nate fam­i­lies by pro­vid­ing them with prepack­aged meals to help ease a bit of their finan­cial bur­den. Still to this day com­mit­ted stu­dents and fac­ulty are intro­duc­ing new pro­grams like these to make it eas­ier for peo­ple to get an edu­ca­tion and fos­ter a sense of good­will among the stu­dent body.

On Feb­ru­ary 20, 2014, Dr. John J. “Ski” Sygiel­ski came to the HACC Lan­caster cam­pus to cel­e­brate HACC’s 50th Anniver­sary with quite the party. The Foot­notes Cafe was taken over by atten­dees and filled with mul­ti­ple rounds of applause as HACC’s achieve­ments through­out the years were listed. Many impor­tant staff mem­bers, HACC alumni, and cur­rent stu­dents were present and gave speeches through­out the day. Cindy Lucarelli Exec­u­tive Assis­tant, Lois Scha­ef­fer Lan­caster Cam­pus Vice Pres­i­dent, and cur­rent stu­dent Jes­sica Schwankl were just some of the peo­ple who shared a bit about them­selves and their expe­ri­ences with HACC over their stay.

The Har­ris­burg HACC cam­pus got together to take an arial pho­to­graph of stu­dents in the shape of the num­ber 50. The Lan­caster HACC cam­pus will be tak­ing a pho­to­graph as well, only the Lan­caster photo will be in the shape of the let­ter ‘L’ to rep­re­sent not just Lan­caster but L is the roman numeral for 50. More infor­ma­tion on when and where the pic­ture will be taken will be released as it is learned.

Near the end of this semes­ter on April 22–24, 2014 Dr. John J. “Ski” Sygiel­ski will take to the road on his bike for his “Miles of Grat­i­tude — Tour de HACC” to cel­e­brate the college’s birth­day and to share how thank­ful he is for all of the suc­cess of our insti­tu­tion. He will be stop­ping at each of the five cam­puses On his ride he’ll be hand­ing out things rang­ing from water bot­tles, and bicy­cles and other small prizes, all the way up to hand­ing out schol­ar­ships to stu­dents. So be sure to sup­port Dr. Ski on his ride and attend the event, not only will you be sup­port­ing your school, you will be help­ing other stu­dents and your­self along the way.

Redis­cover HACC, an event tak­ing place April 21–26 2014 will take place across all cam­puses for stu­dents and com­mu­nity mem­bers to uncover all of the things that HACC has to offer; fea­tur­ing pan­els with dif­fer­ent alumni mem­bers and cur­rent stu­dents, open houses, and more.

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