HACC turns 50

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Daniel Bell – Managing Editor


HACC’s 50th Anniversary!

This year marks Harrisburg Area Community College’s (HACC) 50th year of service. Established February 14, 1964 in Harrisburg HACC was Pennsylvania’s very first community college. That first year HACC had a class of 426 students. This year there are some 22,000 students attending college across all of the 5 campuses and online, which is roughly 50 times what it was in that very first year.


Over the years HACC has done many incredible things for its students and community members. HACC has also continuously grown during this time as well. Many new buildings have been erected for student and faculty use alike: Buildings like the Rose Lehrman Art Center,  The Cooper Student Center and Whitaker Hall.

Not just new buildings and centers were opened for those at HACC, many services are also offered for students. HACC currently has their U-GRO program to help parents who are taking classes by watching their children while they take classes. The implementation of the PowerPacks program has helped those less fortunate families by providing them with prepackaged meals to help ease a bit of their financial burden. Still to this day committed students and faculty are introducing new programs like these to make it easier for people to get an education and foster a sense of goodwill among the student body.

On February 20, 2014, Dr. John J. “Ski” Sygielski came to the HACC Lancaster campus to celebrate HACC’s 50th Anniversary with quite the party. The Footnotes Cafe was taken over by attendees and filled with multiple rounds of applause as HACC’s achievements throughout the years were listed. Many important staff members, HACC alumni, and current students were present and gave speeches throughout the day. Cindy Lucarelli Executive Assistant, Lois Schaeffer Lancaster Campus Vice President, and current student Jessica Schwankl were just some of the people who shared a bit about themselves and their experiences with HACC over their stay.

The Harrisburg HACC campus got together to take an arial photograph of students in the shape of the number 50. The Lancaster HACC campus will be taking a photograph as well, only the Lancaster photo will be in the shape of the letter ‘L’ to represent not just Lancaster but L is the roman numeral for 50. More information on when and where the picture will be taken will be released as it is learned.

Near the end of this semester on April 22-24, 2014 Dr. John J. “Ski” Sygielski will take to the road on his bike for his “Miles of Gratitude – Tour de HACC” to celebrate the college’s birthday and to share how thankful he is for all of the success of our institution. He will be stopping at each of the five campuses On his ride he’ll be handing out things ranging from water bottles, and bicycles and other small prizes, all the way up to handing out scholarships to students. So be sure to support Dr. Ski on his ride and attend the event, not only will you be supporting your school, you will be helping other students and yourself along the way.

Rediscover HACC, an event taking place April 21-26 2014 will take place across all campuses for students and community members to uncover all of the things that HACC has to offer; featuring panels with different alumni members and current students, open houses, and more.