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Students may recognize Dan Rolston from sightings around campus, but they may not know how he ties into their lives. Rolston is currently the president of the Student Government Association (SGA) at HACC’s Lancaster campus.  

Rolston came from humble beginnings, growing up on a farm in East Lampeter and spending his recreational time in a barn. His family later moved to southern New Jersey, but would eventually return to Lancaster County.

The SGA president is currently majoring in Biology and taking courses at HACC’s Lancaster campus. He plans to transfer after receiving an associate’s degree. He is interested in the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program, a scholarship that provides community college students with an opportunity to attend Bucknell- at no cost.

An unpleasant workplace drove Rolston to attend college. During the summer of 2014 he worked construction, a job he called “hot and miserable work.” He also mentioned his family members, many of them teachers, inspiring him to return to his education.

Rolston’s rise within the SGA was swift. He joined the club as a senator in Spring 2015, his first semester. Rolston climbed the ladder from senator, to secretary, vice president, and eventually president. Rolston, who was quiet in high school, has cited the SGA as one of the catalysts that helped him open up. “I found myself in a leadership role suddenly… In a way that’s helped me become a little more social than I was in the past,” Rolston continued, “I find myself representing a much larger organization than myself.” Rolston also mentioned that HACC professor Jerry Fernandes’ impromptu speeches taught him that there was nothing to fear in public speaking.

The SGA is important to Rolston, and his goal is to facilitate a smooth transition for it this summer. The club will split in two, creating the Student Government Association and Student Programming Board. The former will focus on advocating for students while the latter plans student events.

Rolston’s role as SGA president will only become more crucial as time goes on; the SGA split will bring a large change to the club’s operations and he will be there to guide students. To address academic concerns or learn more about the SGA, visit the Office of Student Life in Main 105.

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