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Club profile: Student Government Association Get involved with the SGA

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The Student Government Association (SGA) is a club that promotes educational events and social functions for students at  HACC’s Lancaster campus. The SGA is always looking for members to join. One of the club’s largest draws is opportunity.

Scholarship application season is here and extracurricular activities can help students strengthen their applications. Students can include their involvement in a club in which they are listed on the roster. With free tuition on the line, it is important to have a strong application.

Students attending HACC who plan to continue their education should keep in mind that most colleges look for extracurricular activities on college applications. This is where being part of a club like the SGA really pays off.

Joining the SGA also allows students to network. Students work together to meet deadlines, rise above challenges, and advocate for their colleagues, all while maintaining professionalism. Networking with fellow students, advisers, and administrators may create opportunities for recommendations, potential jobs, and colleague relationships that reach beyond HACC.

So, how does one sign up?

Students interested in joining the SGA must meet some requirements, the first being attending three consecutive meetings. SGA meetings are every Monday from 2-3:30pm. All meetings are located in the Main 105. The SGA meeting room is located in the Office of Student Development, located to the right when exiting the stairs or elevator.

Students wishing to join after attending the required meetings will need to fill out a five page application. The application should not be overwhelming; the first few pages are dedicated to the student’s basic information. The rest of the application outlines the responsibilities and requirements to join the SGA.

Getting involved with your school makes it easy to highlight your assets and market your professional profile. This is a free opportunity to give yourself the advantage and possibly get into the college of your choice.