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Windows 10

In Reviews, Technology by Travis Arment

Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows 10, into the wild on July 29th, 2015. Windows 8, like Vista before it, left many users feeling alienated. Lack of third party development and poorly implemented user interface (UI) design left the operating system feeling stagnant and forced. Microsoft listened to their customers and came out swinging with Windows 10.

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Monarchy Album Review: Part Two New Rivers of Nihil Album, a Fan's Perspective

In Reviews by Nick Hughes

Death metal has been stagnant as of late, but Rivers of Nihil’s latest release, Monarchy, show promise for the genre. Rivers of Nihil has managed to combine the beauty of melodic death metal with the intensity of technical death metal. These genres can be considered opposites in the death metal spectrum, but it is safe to say that Rivers of Nihil mastered both …

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Mad Max: Fury Road review New film in the franchise makes dystopian future feel new again

In Reviews by Travis Arment

In 1979 emergency room doctor-turned-film director George Miller defined dystopian future action as we know it with Mad Max. The film put Miller and Australia on the cinematic map and brought actor Mel Gibson into the limelight. Miller followed the original Mad Max with two sequels, but 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road feels like the film that truly brings Miller’s …

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Sleeping With Sirens previews new album with catchy single

In Reviews by Editor

What is this madness you speak of? Sleeping with Sirens has their new album coming out March 17, 2015 titled Madness. Kellin Quinn, lead singer for the band, informed his fans through his Instagram, of the big news of his band’s new album. Quinn announced the release of the album during the beginning of February. For those who are not …

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‘Don’t Look in the Cellar’ doesn’t scare, it delights

In Reviews by Robert Beiler

Indie film doesn’t hit the mark for horror, can still entertain audiences   Horror movies have the ability to captivate and draw their audience to a terrifying world unlike our own. “Don’t Look in the Cellar” is not one of them.   Don’t take that statement as a detriment to the film. Director Dennis Devine and writer Carlos Perez have …