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The “Weinstein Effect” When skeletons come out of the closet

In Download Live Wire by Victoria Bostwick

2017 has been an interesting year for Hollywood. Anyone that has social media probably noticed the #MeToo “trend”. This all began when actress Rose McGowan accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her in the 90’s. Her friend, Alyssa Milano, urged Twitter users who have experienced sexual assault to post the two-word status to show just how prevalent the issue is. This …

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Student silhouette: Allena McCloud, SGA Vice President An optimistic leader who is grateful for her life’s journey 

In Download Live Wire, HACC News, Profiles, Students by Travis Hannegan

The lessons Allena McCloud, vice president of the Lancaster campus SGA, learned working in the student government and at the leadership series helped her to better understand the needs of campus clubs. The forms and paperwork required to function in the school bureaucracy can be challenging to fill out even for experienced people, made worse by the frequent turnaround of …

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The Fake News Phenomenon Writer, Joshua Griffin, gives his take on understanding and avoiding misinformation

In Download Live Wire, Opinion/Editorial by Joshua Griffin

“Fake news” is the buzzword that has dominated much of the current political main stage. Both mainstream and alternate media have been using this term, though many Americans are unfamiliar with what this term truly means. Even political figures have repeated the term in their speeches and on their social media. So, what is it exactly and how can you, …

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Creating Media Who really has the power behind content?

In Download Live Wire, Media by Ismael Miranda

Media needs a creator. These are people who usually create because they have a passion or story to tell. This has allowed for a multitude of stories. Entering the modern age the average person can develop, produce, and distribute various forms of media. The ability for content creators to communicate directly with their fans via social media leads to a unique …

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Mental Health Spotlight: Dissociative Identity Disorder A mental health disorder with more mythology than fact

In Download Live Wire, Health and Wellness by Ismael Miranda

We all have moments of dissociation. Moments when the mind wanders, lost in a daydream or in-depth train of thought. Moments when one can become oddly aware of them self and pull away in a situation that is overwhelming or stressful. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct or split identities or personality …