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Zenkaikon X Local anime and video game convention celebrates ten years

In Community/World News by Haley Duryee

Zenkaikon celebrated its tenth successful year April 1-3, 2016. The event took up four floors of Lancaster City’s Marriott Convention Center. Dubbed Zenkaikon X in honor of its anniversary, it was a judgement-free convention and a small glimpse of paradise for fans of anime, science fiction, comics, and video games. Lively energy filled the halls as attendees, dressed in cosplay, …

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The tiring rhetoric of the Clinton campaign Gender-based voting and you

In Community/World News, Opinion/Editorial by Travis Arment

The presidential primary race is in full swing and the democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are neck and neck. Residents of Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to cast their primary vote on April 26, 2016. It is important for voters to stay informed, but to do so one must wade through the muck and mire of mud-slinging campaigns.

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Intersections Renewed vitriolic rhetoric hurts communities

In Community/World News, Opinion/Editorial by Cindy Vicente

11 million. That is the estimated number of undocumented individuals in the United, as reported by the Pew Research Center. In this piece, you will note my intentional use of the word “undocumented” instead of “illegal immigrant/alien.” This is to preserve the dignity of this community and to be more accurate—people are not illegal, some simply lack the proper documentation …

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Reminding students of HACC’s new inclement weather delay policy Like 1996, PA faces a severe blizzard 20 years later

In Community/World News, HACC News by Travis Arment

Today, Jan. 22, Lancaster is gearing up for severe winter weather. The blizzard could affect millions, with meteorologists expecting at least one foot of snow in Lancaster County. With the possibility of delays early next week, it is important to note HACC, Harrisburg Area’s Community College’s new delay policy. HACC implemented a new delay policy for the 2015/2016 semester. The …

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Where Ideas Brew: Part 2 Power through Studying with Caffeine

In Community/World News by Marissa Morin

With the semester wrapping up and finals just around the corner, the inevitable pressure and panic erupts like a boiling pot of tea. Students need a place to flee; somewhere to work and check off boxes on the ever-growing to-do list of a busy college scholar. Below are four options of cafés downtown to which the burdened scholar can escape. …