Victoria Bostwick

Editor-in-Chief: Jan. 2017

Managing Editor: Sept. 2016

Deputy Editor: Aug. 2016 – Sept. 2016

Contributing Writer: April 2016 – Aug. 2016
Fueled by a passion for writing and love for the community, Victoria Bostwick strives to learn the role of an editor and to grow as a student writer. She is working to gain the experience required to excel in her desired field of work as a journalist.


Ismael Miranda 

Managing Editor: Jan. 2017

Deputy Editor: Sept. 2016

Associate Editor: July 2016 – Sept. 2016

Contributing Writer: May 2016 – June. 2016

2017 Student Keystone Press award winner
Originally from Philadelphia, Ismael is an English major currently in his second year at HACC. He has a deep interest in mythology and folklore and is pursuing a career in fiction writing and editorial work. In his time with Live Wire, Ismael has learned to communicate and assist contributing writers with their work and the satisfaction that comes from collaborating to create quality articles.


Photo by Travis Hannegan

Nikole Kochan


Nikole joined the LiveWire as faculty adviser in the Fall of 2016. Nikole has a B.S. in Speech Communication from Millersville University and an M.A. in Communication from the University of Maine.  Nikole is passionate about teaching, as well as student involvement in both the college and community settings. When she is not teaching or advising, Nikole spends her free time with her family and friends hiking, snowboarding, and following news and politics.


Cindy Vicente
Intersections Columnist

2016, 2017 Student Keystone Press award winner



  • Nick Hughes, 2016 Student Keystone Press Awards winner. Editor-in-Chief of Voices, HACC Lancaster’s literary magazine
  • Jackie Bleich
  • Dustin Beaverson
  • Coryn Diehl

Danielle Kunkle
Domenic DeSimone
Marissa Morin


Emilie Stoltzfus

Editor-in-Chief, March 2016- December 2016

Managing Editor, July 2015- Feb. 2016

Deputy Editor, May 2015- July 2015

Contributing Writer, February 2015- April 2015

Emilie joined Live Wire in the Spring of 2015 without any experience in journalism. Through the opportunity of working at Live Wire, she learned how to interview, work with writers and advertisers, edit articles, plan and coordinate events, and maintain Live Wire’s website and social media presence. She is currently on the task force board, as a student representative, to assist in creating HACC’s student media handbook.

Robert Beiler
Editor-in-Chief, 2015

Robert served as editor-in-chief during early 2015. He has since moved on to form his own news media outlet, CommonGeek. Check out Robert’s current work, including articles and podcasts, at CommonGeek.TV. Robert received second place in ‘general news’ for his article, “HACC considers outsourcing bookstores,” in the 2016 Student Keystone Press Awards contest.

Haley Duryee

Managing Editor, March 2016 – Sept. 2016

Haley joined Live Wire in the Spring of 2016 to strengthen her abilities as a writer. This new position is helping develop new skills such as public speaking, interviewing, professional article writing, updating the website, photo editing, and article editing.

Joshua Griffin

Associate Editor: Oct. 2016 – Nov. 2016

A student with a passion for controversy, Joshua Griffin is attending his first semester and has signed up with Live Wire to experience journalism first hand. He values integrity, and is always eager to portray the truth to a curious audience.



Tim Smith

Live Wire Advisor: July 2015 – August 2016