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HACC debate team places in 2012 Ethics Bowl


The challenge was issued by the Community College Ethics Bowl hosted by Baltimore City Community College. In the HACC history it will be recorded as fourth place, but to the participants of the 10th annual Ethics Bowl, it will be remembered as the toughest competition the students had seen in its ten year history. For the members of the HACC philosophy forum debate team, it was an impromptu invitation. Prior to the request of team coach Professor K. Mischke, none of the philosophy forum members had thought of putting their ideas to the test; until the day the challenge was issued, meetings were simply a way to exercise what had been taught in the classroom. For team member Tara Machovec, a philosophy major, this was the opportunity to dispute actual cases and expound on real issues in society by applying her ethical beliefs.

Student Art Show


Student summer art show now available for viewing at HACC Lancaster East main building. The show may be viewed May 14th through August 8th  Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm. Art show includes work from student in Arts drawing I and II, Painting I and Fundamentals of 2D design.

Pieces of artwork were chosen by Art professors based on assigned criteria and ability. Ruth Bernard art Professor explained “students who met the requirements of assignments and did the best to their ability were chosen to have their pieces displayed in student art show.” The art faculty members chose up to ten pieces of artwork per class and then decided on which art pieces should be displayed in art show. Angela Kost fine arts major “this is the first semester I did painting and I really enjoyed it I have 3 pieces on display.” Kost is planning on transferring to Millersville to pursue art education in the fall. The art faculty is also in charge of putting together show, Ilene Rosenberg explained “I am in charge of how art is displayed and presented.” The art space is a wonderful place for students to present their work it is definitely worth checking out.

Jessica M. Roth, Contributing Writer

“Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”

On January 17, 2012, I, like many other gamers, was browsing through upcoming games and demos on xBox Live before starting a session of “Skyrim.” And like many other gamers, I stumbled across a downloadable demo for “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.” Having received multiple e-mails from EA Games advertising the game, I decided to download the demo and check it out. After playing through the demo, I was intrigued by the possibilities of the game, mainly regarding combat, which I’ll get to later. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the game. So I stored it away in the back of my mind as a rainy day purchase. I’ll admit I paid “Reckoning” no attention upon its release Feb. 7 of this year, with Mass Effect 3 on the horizon. It was only after a friend with similar taste in games recommended it to me that I borrowed a copy to see for myself what all the buzz was about.

Student Advocacy Day

April 3 marked Lobby Day, where student representatives on behalf of the HACC Lancaster campus went out to lobby the state government for an increased education budget. The student representatives, myself, Kellee Brown, and Emmanuel Jean-Philippe, were selected by Warren Bair, the Director of Student Affairs.

The preparation of the event required two weeks of meetings with David Carl, the Community Development Officer, and the student representatives. Time was spent reviewing the materials, including the current proposed budget for education and the talking points for the meetings themselves.

The Capitol building in Harrisburg was full of student representatives from community colleges from across the state, and aside from a brief press conference, the students were dispersed throughout the offices of the various state senators and representatives. Dr “Ski” Sygielski and Dr. Washington met with our group briefly to offer their support. The representatives from our campus in particular met with State Senators Lloyd Smucker and Mike Brubaker, as well as State Representatives John Bear and Gordon Denlinger.

A sit down with Dr. Washington


Many college students can be frustrated with their fast food, food serving, or mall job, wondering how, or if, things will change when they are out of college. Some are unsure of their next step in education. Not every successful person has had their educational road paved in gold. In fact, many have taken detours and changed their minds to better fit their passions.

Starting his college career with a job at Wendy’s, Dr. Washington made his way through school by participating in a pre-college program called, “Upward bound,” which focused on helping high school students understand college. He also worked as the resident assistant for his dormitory on campus. Dr. Washington started on the dean’s list with mostly A’s and B’s, but science hit his GPA. He received a D in geology the second time he took the class. “That was my weak point. I don’t like rocks,” said Washington.

HACC gets hacked, 280k+ DoS attacks

A computer virus at Lancaster HACC campus causes some inconvenience for students this semester. Gregory Seitz, director of technical support of HACC Lancaster, explained, “The type of virus that was found at Lancaster HACC was a flash drive virus called Trojan mal-java virus. According to Symantec it tried to do a denial of service to a website and was more interested in traveling from flash drive to computers.”

Symantec is a website that people can go to get information on computer viruses. Symantec’s definition of this type of virus is that it is a low threat level computer bug. Seitz also said, “At one point about a month ago it had used all of 280,000 possible sessions. Two machines on campus had used 260,000 of those sessions, so Harrisburg noticed an attack on the main frame firewall and blocked the address the virus was trying to attack to stop it from bringing down the site.” The website, explains, computer virus programs are placed into a commonly used program, so that program will run the attached virus program as it boots; therefore, it is said that the virus “infects” the executable file or program; even though this is a low threat virus with the amount of traveling involved, it can be overwhelming to computer systems. Joseph McLlhenney, the HACC Lancaster library director said, “The one major virus that was in the library was a flash drive virus; it started out as a nuisance virus but it became more malicious. The virus was recognized by library staff when they noticed something strange, so I contacted the I.T office immediately. It wasn’t that much of an issue in the library because it was caught early on.”

HACC Celebrates Earth Day

Earth day was celebrated at HACC Lancaster campus on April 18, 2012, in the East building. Many students attended Earth Day and enjoyed the events and vendors offering a variety of choices from Rita’s Water Ice to free chair massages. Jack Hubley brought his raptors to college for a special show. Heather Pasewicz, a math professor, brought her son Adam. “I am so impressed with all the activities today. They did a great job. We both really enjoyed Jack Hubley’s raptor show,” said Pasewicz. “It’s important to keep the environment good so animals and people can live,” said Pasewicz’s son.

The North Museum was also there with giant hissing Madagascar cockroaches. Some students were actually brave enough to hold them. Kim Dickey, an agribusiness major, conquered her fear of bugs. “…awesome,” said Dickey, “The birds were great and the beekeepers were very informative, but the cockroaches were my favorite. I used to be afraid of bugs, but I decided to learn about them and now I’m getting to hold a cockroach.”

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