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Wellness committee funds exercise stations New equipment complements recently completed trail

In Health and Wellness by Emilie StoltzfusLeave a Comment

Students participating in the third 5k Wellness Run on Saturday, October 3, 2015, may have notice new exercise stations along the recently completed trail. HACC Central Pennsylvania’s Community College Lancaster campus added four new exercise stations containing a variety of stationary equipment. Jim Bath, a health and fitness full-time adjunct professor, said, “We decided to incorporate some exercises along the …

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Silent Hill, PA

In Community/World News by Marissa Morin1 Comment

There is an abandoned town where smoke rises from the landscape and sink holes appear and swallow anything they can reach. There were once people and houses and stores- the place was once buzzing with activity and thriving from hard work . Fifty years ago people were urged to evacuate and leave this place and give up their homes; the …

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Windows 10

In Reviews, Technology by Travis ArmentLeave a Comment

Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows 10, into the wild on July 29th, 2015. Windows 8, like Vista before it, left many users feeling alienated. Lack of third party development and poorly implemented user interface (UI) design left the operating system feeling stagnant and forced. Microsoft listened to their customers and came out swinging with Windows 10.

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Monarchy Album Review: Part Two New Rivers of Nihil Album, a Fan's Perspective

In Reviews by Nick Hughes

Death metal has been stagnant as of late, but Rivers of Nihil’s latest release, Monarchy, show promise for the genre. Rivers of Nihil has managed to combine the beauty of melodic death metal with the intensity of technical death metal. These genres can be considered opposites in the death metal spectrum, but it is safe to say that Rivers of Nihil mastered both …